Faszination Orbs
Unsere Lichtvollen Begleiter

About me:

Orbs took over my life!

I got to know and love orbs in books. But it did not occur to me to think of this photography as well. I kept emphasizing that I didn't need photography like that. I knew that the spirit world was with me. I am in confidence and do not need proof. Until one day I photographed the first orb in front of my house. And now I am photographing one wonderful orb after another.

A few months later I read in the newspaper about an artist competition “Art in the shop window” in the categories of sculpture, painting and photography. The artist who organized this competition explained to me that these pictures would be displayed in the shop windows of the local shops and evaluated by passers-by. I liked the idea that my pictures would be seen by many people and took part.

But I didn't think I'd win. I was all the more pleased when I got a call and the artist congratulated me on my win. I got first place in the audience category.

Exactly what I wanted. Many people who had seen my pictures and discovered something in the orbs that made them vote for me. I was overwhelmed.

I would now like to make these pictures available to everyone. Because I think that there is nothing more important than to draw attention to our spiritual world

Because as the saying goes:

"By good powers so wonderfully sheltered,

we confidently expect what may come.

God is with us in the evening and in the morning

and certainly on every new day "(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Orbs are pure love. They give us courage, give us help, new impulses for thought, give us hope and much more.

Orbs a way to communicate with the spirit world!

Many already have their connection to the spirit world.

You dream a lot or have already seen or observed things that other people cannot understand. Whereby they are then considered crazy when they report about it.

"Crazy" is a great term. This only means that the viewer does not stand in the middle but sees things from another side.                          

So crazy!

In the past I always got a negative feeling when people said to me, “You are crazy”. Today I am proud and happy not to always see everything from one side.

People who have an open heart will often hold these pictures in their hands but unfortunately do not know what to do. These images are the easiest way to approach the spirit world. Orbs give strength, confidence and trust. They show up to us humans and confirm our perception. People who doubt are encouraged to deal more with this world. Because you often have messages for us that are very important.

In a quiet moment, take your or mine pictures for a while and look at them. Close your eyes and listen to yourself. Maybe there are small messages such as “I'm fine” or pictures appear. Which we associate with something. Conversations can also be held. Whereby we ask specific questions and we get answers. Maybe we only notice a certain warmth or love with which we recharge our energy. We feel more relaxed and more comfortable. The higher we vibrate, the safer we will be able to go through life and ever the more energy we have, the greater our self-healing powers! These are very important in this day and age. The higher we vibrate, the less we can be burdened by illness.

Orbs can also bring healing!