Faszination Orbs
Unsere Lichtvollen Begleiter

Bring the orbs to the people, then God comes to them! (Transmission from November 17, 2020)

Trust, don't be afraid we're here!

What are orbs and what is behind them?

Many people have such strange photos with white or sometimes colored spots in their drawers. Which are wrongly interpreted as a stain on the lens, drops of water or dust. Many of these photos are also simply deleted immediately.

Such images are always an attempt by the light-filled spiritual world to communicate with us.

I would like to sensitize you to these photos, because especially in our time it is more important than ever to become aware that something still exists that protects us, gives us strength and can also heal. They can also take away the fears that accompany us today. And everyone knows anxiety.

If we know there is still something that is around us, we will go through life much less fearful.

Since most people perceive their surroundings through their five senses, the spiritual world has made use of digital photography. Everything people see and hear is easier to understand. That is why the spirit world seeks communication with us in this way. Because everything that makes up the spiritual world we cannot recognize with our senses and we doubt that such a world exists.

Orbs, these white or even colored spots, can only be consciously perceived by people in their photos when they have realized that they mean something. We can understand with our minds that something exists around us.

To put it simply, the spirit world exists on a higher level of vibration, so we cannot consciously perceive it. If we would increase our natural vibrations, the spirit world would be just as real (visible) to us as our world.

Simply put, orbs are rays of light generated by the spirit world. These rays can be sent to lower levels of vibration. So in our world. We can think of it as if someone were turning on a flashlight in the dark. Then we only see this light, but not the person who stands behind it, who remains hidden in the dark.

The same thing happens with the orbs, the spiritual world sends light impulses into our vibration level. We do not perceive these light impulses with our eyes, but we can make them visible with digital photography. But like the light from the flashlight, we only see the white or colored spots on the pictures. Unfortunately, we cannot see what is behind these light pulses with our eyes.

Orbs are the key to the spirit world!

If we deal with them, look at them or meditate with them, we can understand what is behind the orbs.

The spirit world in its full beauty!

This world consists of colors, melodies, it uses its own language and sends out vibrations and emotions.