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Build bridges:

In conversation with a dear friend, I realized that bridges are an important tool to get to the other side. Without bridges, it would be difficult or impossible to see what is on the opposite side.

There are many different types of bridges. Suspension bridges, wooden bridges, railway bridges, highway bridges, normal concrete bridges, etc. etc.

It is the same with the bridges to the spirit world, there are also so many different bridges to the spirit world. The orbs form a bridge here, but there are so many other ways to discover this world. This page should be made colorful. From me and from you readers.

Just send me testimonials or pictures of your e.g. orbs or other things that you would like to share with us. Please, of course, with your consent to the publication!

I will look at the texts and pictures, and if they fit the topic, I will leave them on my homepage for about a week, so that there is enough time to look at or read through them.

I think that we are only able to change something in this world if we build bridges together. The more bridges we build, the easier it is for us to come into contact with the spirit world and the more real it becomes for us.

My email address is: faszination-orb@gmx.de

We, the Hathors (your star siblings) want to show you a way to attract orbs. Orbs respond to vibrations and singing.

Therefore you will always find orbs in situations such as celebrations or weddings, where people vibrate high and are in their heart energy. When it comes to singing, it's the overtones that attract them. These overtones open your hearts and it happens that your heart energy begins to flow.

Think about it, when people all over the world sing such notes, then a field of orbs will be built and since these are pure love, the field will only be filled with love.

These overtones are not difficult to learn.

You humans have to understand that the lone fighter does not get any further, no, only together you will make it!

Therefore it is important that you join together to create a field of love. No matter if it is the singing or the heart energy!

So that you can imagine overtones, here is the homepage of Tom Kenyon

Tom Kenyon is a Hathor ambassador.

He is a sound healer, opera singer, shaman, psychotherapist and brain researcher. For years he has traveled all over the world to pass on the knowledge of the Hathors. On his homepage you will find chants and sounds of Hathors that will help you to create these overtones.

Pictures I took: Once without and once with overtones