Faszination Orbs
Unsere Lichtvollen Begleiter

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Archangel Gabriel

I bring messages to you people with love. I will help you to achieve your goals in life. Every new beginning is under my protection. As soon as you connect with the crystal white light, you will be guided. Projects succeed and you achieve great things. I also bring new ways of looking at people and help you see them differently.

Archangel Fhelyai

I am the guardian angel of animals. People often think that animals don't have a guardian angel. It is often the animals who have a higher wisdom. They all act instinctively and use their senses. I open hearts to animals. It is important to appreciate and respect all living beings. To receive everything they give us with love and gratitude.

Archangel Metatron

A warm-hearted welcome! You will not be able to perceive us consciously, but this will happen more and more in the next few years. We are coming more and more into your life as we see that we are needed. you are not well on this earth in your body of limitation. But through us you will learn that you can overcome anything. You will find yourself in other dimensions. You will walk through the times and see everything from a different side. You just have to let us into your heart. I love you and you are loved, protected, guarded and guided by all angels.

Archangel Metatron who is all colors.

Archangel Michael

I am the sword. I will always be there when you need help and protection. I separate what is not good and what has to be separated from the life of you humans. You are getting easier with me Contact, because the color blue reminds you of me. And at the first thought of me I am there to help and protect you.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Rafael

The time has come to remember me. I come from the green ray and am responsible for healing and also for the heart. Get calm and think of me, then I will guide you, solve things and injuries. You will see that everything wants to dissolve, because in the new time we need people who do not cling to the old, but live life freely and happily.

Archangel Rafael

Archangel Chamuel

My love is for every creature, I let everyone feel their hearts who seek contact with me. I come from the salmon-orange ray. In a wonderful way, I show that not everything is black or white. There are as many colors as there are emotions. I will help you to act fairly and lovingly treat yourself and others. It is important nowadays to listen more and more to the heart, only there you will find what you are looking for. It shows you the way. You will find ways out of disputes and out of sadness. Get in touch with me and your creativity will flow. You will see things from a different perspective and also understand why this is exactly what happens I greet you with love Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Zadkiel

I welcome you! I come from the violet ray. You recognize me in the pictures as purple orb. We can also bundle ourselves so that you can perceive several energies. Then the orbs can be seen in many colors. They are colorful or there are many of us. Whoever gets in touch with me will discover transformation! Are you ready for new paths? I show you that cause and effect are closely related. Negative experiences are important because this is the only way to grow. See the little one and be happy and appreciate it. You will see more and more spirituality flow into your life. I open you to new ways of thinking and acting. I wish for you that you do not lose your smile. See the beautiful every minute of your existence in the rain as well as with Sunshine. Archangel Zadkiel

The responsible person!

Become self-responsible people, I wish nothing more for you. It means you should feel more, not allow yourself to be put under pressure by others and listen to your heart. Listen inside, only there will you find your way. Be sensitive to your environment! Be it at work, at home or in your free time. Become soulful people.

Respect every human being, every animal and every plant. Because in everything you will find the divine.  

But self-responsibility also means: What do I do with myself, how do I deal with my life energy? Am I using my energy for or against me? What do I need to recharge my energy, what robs me of energy? Then separate yourself from everything that burdens you or clear it up so that it can change.

But self-responsibility also means: not getting involved in the consumer world, not always wanting to have everything. Because often it comes to the resources of the earth we love so much. You would like to experience and own many things, but what is the point of that when other things fade into the background such as Children, family and friends.

Children need roots to grow! They find these roots in the family. Give children attention and time, listen to them. Only when children grow up loving and stimulating can they develop their talents and become loving people who respect everything. Show them appreciation and gratitude. How else are they supposed to learn if not from you!